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Monthly Statistics of Building Materials & Components

The BIS Monthly Statistics of Building Materials & Components Survey has closed.

Thanks to all respondents who have taken part in this survey.

The latest edition is available for download in PDF format with data also in Excel for download. This publication includes the latest detailed information on selected building materials and contains monthly data on price indices, bricks, cement and concrete blocks; and quarterly data on sand & gravel, slate, concrete roofing tiles and ready-mixed concrete.

Previous issues in PDF formats for all releases in 2009 are available via the links below.

Previous issues in both PDF and Excel versions and back series to 2005 are available here.

In addition, there is annual and quarterly information on the value of total overseas trade in building materials by imports and exports for the United Kingdom.

Apart from price indices and overseas trade, the information is in volume terms for production, deliveries and stocks. It is collected from the producers of each building material.

Information for calculating the price indices is collected by the Office for National Statistics and those relating to building materials are reproduced in this publication. Overseas trade is collected by Customs & Excise from which that relating to the values for building materials is extracted.

For further information about building materials email [email protected]

Monthly Statement of Bricks, Blocks & Cement

This publication includes the latest information on bricks blocks and cement. The information is a month later than the previous publication but is less detailed.

Timetable of Publication Dates for Monthly Statistics of Building Materials & Components

In line with the National Statistics Protocol on Release Practices, a publication timetable is given below. Links to the publications will be activated at 09:30 on the day of release.

Release date PDF EXCEL
01 December 2010    
03 November 2010    
06 October 2010    
01 September 2010    
04 August 2010    
07 July 2010    
02 June 2010    
05 May 2010 201004PDF 201004XLS
07 April 2010 201003PDF 201003XLS
03 March 2010 201002PDF 201002XLS
03 February 2010 201001PDF 201001XLS
13 January 2010 200912PDF 200912XLS


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