GVA per head: Real GVA per head growth rates (adjusted by ONS GVA National Price Deflator)

(Headline residence basis at constant prices, Source: Regional Accounts Branch, Office for National Statistics)

Productivity: GVA per hour worked.

(Indices, Source: Office for National Statistics)

Globalisation: Regional GVA per head relative to the EU15 average, compared using Purchasing Power Parities

(Source: EUROSTAT)

Employment: Employment rate of working age people.

(Source: Seasonally adjusted data, Source: Labour Force Survey, Office for National Statistics)

Further information on the key indicators can be found the PSA Delivery Agreement 7 in Annex A on the HM-Treasury website. A link is included: http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/media/5/E/pbr_csr07_psa7.pdf