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Proportion of turnover attributable to new or improved products

Region ONS Code 2004
North East A 8.0
North West B 6.0
Yorkshire & the Humber D 10.0
East Midlands E 5.0
West Midlands F -
East of England G 14.0
London H 23.0
South East J 23.0
South West K 7.0
England 064 12.0
Wales 220 2.0
Scotland 179 5.0
Northern Ireland 152 4.0
UK 213 11.0
source: CIS4 (Community Innovation Survey)

1. Figures have been calculated using employment weightings.
Figures indicate the proportion of total turnover for all enterprises, and not those who are product innovator only.
The turnover from product innovation for enterprises who are not product innovator is estimated at 0.
Trend Chart