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  Energy White Paper: Meeting the Energy Challenge - 23 May 2007


Energy is essential in almost every aspect of our lives and for the success of our economy. We face two long-term energy challenges:

  • tackling climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions both within the UK and abroad; and
  • ensuring secure, clean and affordable energy as we become increasingly dependent on imported fuel.

This White Paper sets out the Government’s international and domestic energy strategy to respond to these changing circumstances, address the long term energy challenges we face and deliver our four energy policy goals:

  • to put ourselves on a path to cutting CO2 emissions by some 60% by about 2050, with real progress by 2020;
  • to maintain the reliability of energy supplies;
  • to promote competitive markets in the UK and beyond;
  • to ensure that every home is adequately and affordably heated.

It shows how we are implementing the measures set out in the Energy Review Report in 2006, as well as those announced since, including in the Pre-Budget Report in 2006 and the Budget in 2007.

We are also launching a consultation on nuclear power. If you would like to take part in the consultation, go to the Directgov site here. The nuclear consultation document is available below.

The Energy White Paper, nuclear consultation documents and all supporting documents are available on the Government News Network should you have problems in downloading from this site.

The full Energy White Paper:

Energy White Paper: Meeting the Energy Challenge (PDF file 6,717Kb), also available in WinZip format (4,488Kb).

DTI staff should access this via the TIDES system on the DTI Intranet.

The nuclear consultation document:

The future of nuclear power: the role of nuclear power in a low carbon UK economy. Consultation document, May 2007 (PDF file 1,792Kb).

If you would like to take part in the consultation, go to the Directgov site here.

Individual chapters from the Energy White Paper can be downloaded from the links below:
  Foreword and executive summary 439Kb
Chapter 1 Energy and climate security: a global challenge 967Kb
Chapter 2 Saving energy 664Kb
Chapter 3 Heat and distributed generation 470Kb
Chapter 4 Oil, gas and coal 470Kb
Chapter 5 Electricity generation 1,305Kb
Chapter 6 Research and development, demonstration and deployment, and skills 681Kb
Chapter 7 Transport 346Kb
Chapter 8 Planning 366Kb
Chapter 9 Devolved Administrations, English regions and local authorities 150Kb
Chapter 10 Impact of our measures 499Kb
Chapter 11 Implementation 188Kb
Annex A Fourth Annual Report on progress towards the 2003 Energy White Paper goals 499Kb
Annex B Summary of updated energy and carbon emissions projections 194Kb
Annex C UK position on the EU Emissions Trading Scheme 108Kb
Annex D Consultations announced in, or referred to, in the Energy White Paper: Meeting the Energy Challenge 110Kb

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