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Construction Statistics - Output and Employment

Output and Employment in the Construction Industry

****          Change in responsibility for the production of these statistics          ****

From 1 March 2008 the Office for National Statistics has taken responsibility for the production of these statistics. The first publication produced by the ONS will be on
Friday 7 March 2008. Along with all future publications, it will be available from the following link:


The Output & Employment information bulletin is issued quarterly and is available online or by email or postal distribution. For further information contact Paul Bergin on 020 7215 2912 or e-mail [email protected].

A time series containing quarterly (from 1955 onwards) seasonally adjusted Output data in 2000 constant prices is available in Excel format - click here.

Statistical Release Timetable

In line with the National Statistics Protocol on Release Practices, a publication timetable and details of those given pre-release access are given below.

Output relating to: Publication Date
Third Quarter 2005 2 December 2005
Fourth Quarter 2005 3 March 2006
First Quarter 2006 2 June 2006
Second Quarter 2006 1 September 2006
Third Quarter 2006 1 December 2006
Fourth Quarter 2006 2 March 2007
First Quarter 2007 1 June 2007
Second Quarter 2007 7 September 2007
Third Quarter 2007 7 December 2007
Fourth Quarter 2007 7 March 2008

Recipients of statistical bulletins prior to release date

The following list shows those people who receive copies of the Statistical Press Releases on Construction Output and Employment and Orders for New Construction ahead of publication. The pre-release access list is the same for both Releases, and in each case the Release is made available 40.5 hours ahead of publication.

Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform
Minister of State for Competitiveness, BERR
Permanent Secretary, BERR
Director General, Enterprise and Business Group, BERR
Director of Business Relations, BERR
Chief Economic Advisor, BERR
Chief Adviser on Statistics, BERR
Director, Construction Sector Unit, BERR
Head of Section, Construction Market Intelligence, BERR
Press Officer, Construction, BERR
Special Adviser to the Secretary of State, BERR
Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister
Governor of the Bank Of England
Head, Economic Briefing Unit, HM Treasury

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Last updated at 11:05 on 02 March, 2008