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3.13 Publications and citations of UK research in academic journals

Why is it significant?

A strong science base is essential in the knowledge economy, both as a source of basic and strategic research and to educate scientists and engineers in the latest techniques that they can then bring with them into industry.  The number of scientific papers published provides an indication of the production of knowledge and the number of citations gives an indication of the quality. 

How does the UK perform?

The UK’s science base is among the most productive and highest quality in the world.  With only 1 per cent of the world’s population, the UK is responsible for 4.5 per cent of the world’s spend on science, produces 8 per cent of the world’s scientific papers, receives 9 per cent of citations and claims around 10 per cent of internationally recognised science prizes. In terms of papers and citations per head the UK is in the leading group along with Canada and the US (Chart 3.13).

Last updated on 12 March 2002